Recurring Donations

When you make a monthly donation to Hildegard House,

you become a member of the Compassionate Care Circle.

Donations that we can count on every month mean so much!

With these special donations, we are  sure that we can pay the mortgage

and utilities and that our budget is stable.

The Compassionate Care Circle members are

true friends of Hildegard House!

Two Ways To Start Your Membership

There are several ways to be a monthly donor, through your credit card or through a automatic bank deduction (EFT). 

You can also set up a recurring donation yourself if you do online banking. Just add Hildegard House as a recurring "bill" to pay.

We provide a home and compassionate care for individuals at the end of life who have no home or loved ones to care for them so that they may die with dignity.


Phone: 502-581-8267

Registered Charity: 46-5555472

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