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How You Can Help

The heart of Hildegard House is our volunteers. A special group of volunteers are Compassionate Companions. These volunteers commit to a weekly 5-hour shift, or a couple of weekend shifts per month, and become a community of caregivers for our residents. From fixing a meal to sitting bedside and offering companionship, Compassionate Companions serve residents just as they would care for a loved one at a home.  


If you are interested in joining our community of Compassionate Companions, please complete the volunteer form. Our volunteer coordinator will be in touch to schedule a tour of the house and register you for one of our monthly training sessions. Compassionate Companions must be over the age of 18.

For More Information, Contact:

Sky Yeasayer, Volunteer Manager


"Caring for people who are dying can be an intense, intimate, and deeply enlivening experience."

--  Frank Ostaseski

Volunteer Registration Form

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